Weekend Daylight

Just after Thanksgiving, we had a massive downpour. The little creek behind my house usually runs a little trickle or less, fills quickly with any rain, and recedes again quickly. So, when the rain paused for a moment, I went out and took some pictures and video of it running high and quick, just for fun.

Then, I went inside to do some work for awhile just as the skies opened back up. Out of curiosity, after about half an hour, I opened a second-floor window to see how the creek was doing (there is a privacy covering on that window). That’s how fast a creek or a river can jump its banks. (Additional note: flood waters always flow fast. Always be careful.) I kept an eye on it the rest of the day.

Just like the rest of the backyard, I have plans for that little creek. Replacing the footbridge with one that arches higher above the creek is one plan. (It is submerged in the photos.) Removing a sapling growing in the middle of it is another. I want to do some studying on habitat-friendly creek maintenance, so if you have recommendations for resources, let me know in the comments. This is going to be a long slow project that will never really end.

Today, I braved the backyard again so that I could go pull up more English ivy along the row of black inkberries. After spending the entire month of November dealing with weeping skin from poison ivy contact and then finally learning that I am allergic to prednisone (this was my first time being prescribed prednisone), I set up a primary decontamination “warm zone” every time I prepare to go out there. The water spigot is just out of picture frame. Then, afterwards, I count the days, waiting to see if I am safe. Eventually, I will eradicate all of the offending plant. I hope.

Brick wall and window with items arranged on window sill: soap, scrub brush, spray bottle, and pink hand towel.

I also cleared out one haul’s worth of leaves from the creek and took them up to two of the inkberries. I will catch the other eight another day.

Small green bush with pin oak leaves mulching the ground around it. A lot of English ivy growing to the left of the bush.

Note neighbor’s English ivy to the left. I have been working hard to the right (and only have a small swath to show for it, so far.)

And, I started pulling English ivy away from this old rusted clothesline pole that is such an eyesore (especially in winter) and that I hate. I figure that is the first step in preparing to dig the concrete footing out. It did cross my mind that there are people out there who shoot up power substations . . . but if I am desperate for a clothesline, I will just string it between trees.

Lower half of rusted metal pole rising out of a matted sea of English ivy with a very small area cleared around the base of the pole.

Wish me luck. I have a feeling this is going to be a beast. And, there’s another one.

The long hours of darkness long into the morning and returning early in the evening, resulting in the only daylight existing while I am sitting in an office, are hard on me during the week. I want to be outside and work in the yard and am thrilled for any weekend day that does not rain.

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