About My Blog

People, generalism, and networked notes.

Some of my interests that may make an appearance in these posts:

  • disaster law and disaster mitigation
  • emergency medical care
  • languages
  • native plants
  • vegetarianism and cooking/baking, in general
  • peace and nonviolence (and how do we scale that from interpersonal to international?)
  • mutual aid
  • music
  • religion (the more the merrier – I am fascinated by them: how they interact with people, cultures, and governments and the beautifully different and perfect ways they help people sanctify their lives and connect to the Divine)
  • BJJ
  • trail running
  • hiking and camping
  • poetry and books
  • grandparenting and relationships with adult children

I have been using Roam Research for a little over a year now and am continuing to learn how to make it work best for me and am always interested in developments in “personal knowledge management.”

And people. It all always comes back to people.

And, for Mastodon verification, just for fun.