Broccoli, Mushroom, and Pasta Salad

This recipe comes from Rodale’s Basic Natural Foods Cookbook, page 173.

I loved it and will definitely add to my favorite recipes. It is hearty enough to use as a main course/single-dish meal.

Ingredient list
vegetable stock
tiny pasta
vegetable oil
wine vinegar
dried oregano
grated Parmesan cheese (this is the only non-vegan ingredient)
cayenne pepper
(sweet red peppers or pimentos) (I omit)
I had some left over slivered almonds that I threw in.

My feet are tired though. It does not actually take that long to make the salad, but I tried to do all my errands and shopping today first (Valentine’s Day Eve and the afternoon of the Superbowl – you would have thought I had gone shopping the day before Thanksgiving!) plus the laundry, boiled a dozen eggs, and (hand)washed some of the great many dishes that need to be done.

Lest I be judged too harshly for breaking a Sabbath, I had a massive migraine all day yesterday. I figure if the Gods wanted to forbid my errands today, then the migraine should not have been allowed to knock me flat yesterday. I technically rested during yesterday’s iteration, but it did not feel very spirit-of-the-law consecrated.

In the spirit of the cultural keeping of various days, “Happy Superbowl to all who observe and a Merry Valentine’s Eve to those who had better not have forgotten!”