In the Middle of It All

I am one of those people – the ones who significantly rearrange furniture within rooms and between rooms on a recurring basis. I don’t know what drives other people to do this, but for me, no matter how often I am sure I have the most functional arrangement, there always comes a time when there is a better arrangement.

Saturday was that time.

An example of the reasoning behind the changes: I set up a room for the grandkids immediately when I moved in. That was on the main floor. I set up my bedroom in the basement room (a very nice room that was cooler in the summers). I told myself that when the grandkids slept over, it would be just fine. I would get a baby monitor so I could hear if they needed me and I told myself that adults sleep on different floors than children all the time. Yep. I couldn’t do it. I could not bring myself to sleep in my room on a entirely different floor when they had sleepovers. That meant I wasn’t getting great sleep on those nights. So, even though I loved my library/study as it was, with a lovely alcove window facing the wooded area behind the house, one of the changes was to move my bedroom up to the main floor. And, if you move your bedroom into the study, you must move the computer and recliner out. And so it goes.

As I was heaving and pushing and carrying things hither and thither, my two 65-pounds dogs were always lounging smack dab in the way. I was musing to myself why this might be and I realized that they wanted to be near me but I was constantly in motion. The best solution, for them, was to take up posts in the middle of it all – at the focus.

Which made me think of my childhood. My mother was always complaining that my brothers and I would literally sit in the interior doorways of our house. She complained because we were in the way when other people wanted to be in motion. We would sit crosswise in the doorway, feet propped against one doorjamb and back braced against the opposite one. Sometimes we were there chatting, sometimes that was where we chose to read a book, sometimes we were just there. We did not have a TV when I was growing up (a choice my parents made) and Nintendo was just barely coming out (one of my brothers eventually saved up enough money to buy his own). So, if we were not at school, in the neighborhood, in the woods, working, or out and about and, therefore, were inside the house, I guess we just wanted to be in the middle of it all. At least, during the day.

PS I am quite happy with the new arrangement of the house. Stay tuned for the next rearrangement!